Hair Extensions For Fine Hair

If your hair is quite fine, you may be considering adding some life and body to it by using hair extensions. The type of extensions you choose should be determined by your natural hair type, colour and length. There are also specially designed hair extensions for fine hair, which are an excellent option if you want to get the best results from your new, luscious locks.

Determine your hair type
Before you splash out on some new hair extension shampoo specifically made for fine hair, it’s important that you make sure that your hair has all the characteristics needed to be defined as fine. Fine hair is usually typical in people of Scandinavian descent, although it can occur in anyone of any ethnicity or nationality. If your hair sometimes appears translucent under light and you find that it’s more prone to damage and gets dry very easily, your hair is probably quite fine. Along with that, if the strands are very fine and it feels like thin silk, you’re probably a perfect candidate for clip in hair extensions designed for fine hair.

What to look for
When looking for hair extensions for fine hair, there are a lot of factors to be consider. Often, the style, colour and length is down to your personal taste, as is whether you decide to opt for real or synthetic hair extensions. It’s also really important to consider the weight of the extensions that you choose, as those designed for fine hair will usually be significantly lighter than other styles in order to minimise any damage caused to your natural hair. You may also want to consider extensions that are easy to maintain, especially if you are thinking of purchasing them for long-term use. Opt for extensions that can be brushed and detangled easily, and that are easily washed as well as easy to dry naturally for the best results for real hair extensions, contact show ponyaus.

Fitting the extensions
For best results, always book an appointment with a professional stylist to fit your hair extensions, especially if you have chosen to have bonded extensions rather than removable clip in ones. This is because to bond the extensions to your hair, the use of a special kind of adhesive is required, which may be heated in the process. If this isn’t done right, it could cause serious damage to your natural hair – so always ask a trained professional to do it for you or at least help you do it yourself.